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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 @ 01:07 PM
posted by Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD

Dental Implant Patients Marietta GA Without question, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. However, one of the primary reasons patients shy away from this superior solution is cost. While the price difference between a traditional restoration (crown, bridge, denture) and a dental implant is notable, it is important that you carefully consider what you’d be getting from your implant investment. Most patients quickly realize that in the long run, implants are a more cost-effective option.

Factors that Influence Cost

The cost of dental implants can vary from patient to patient. The main determining factor is the complexity of your implant surgery, including how many teeth need to replaced and whether or not you will need bone grafting or a sinus lift to accommodate your implants. Other influential considerations are the specific imaging/scans needed prior to your surgery as well as the brand/material of the post, abutment and prosthetic tooth that will be used. continue reading

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