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When replacing a full set of missing teeth, many patients resort to traditional dentures. Dentures are a more immediate and cheaper solution compared to dental implants. Unfortunately, not all patients are satisfied with their denture choice. In fact, there are some common problems and disruptions that exist for denture wearers, including the following:

Unnatural Feeling/Appearance
Dentures tend to be a larger set of teeth, and they are not anchored into your jawbone like your real teeth. In doing so, patients may suffer from dentures that look or feel “artificial” or unnatural.

Compromised Eating/Nutrition
Did you know that bite force is reduced by as much as 75% when wearing dentures? This can require patients to chew their food much longer than non-denture wearers. In result, patients often resort to softer foods that are high in fat and carbs.

Maintenance Hassles
Even if your dentures fit snug and comfortable when you first get them, this can change over time as your mouth/gums remodel due to lost bone structure. This can lead to denture slipping, a very disruptive issue that either requires frequent denture relines or makes patients compensate with more adhesive creams or retraining their facial muscles to hold their prosthetic teeth in place.

The Dental Implant Solution

Dental implants have given denture wearers hope. As few as two dental implants can solve the above problems. When modern dentures are anchored to a set of dental implants, the prosthetic teeth are firmly anchored into the jawbone like real teeth. This solves a host of denture woes, including eating challenges, adhesive and reline hassles and more.

Most of all, implant dentistry can help you regain the confidence and comfort you deserve after missing teeth. While the upfront cost and recovery of dental implants is greater than traditional dentures, the long-term reward is priceless.

Call Dr. Wayne Suway today to learn more about implant dentistry and how you can solve your denture problems with dental implants. We specialize in providing restorative dentistry solutions that mimic the natural teeth in feel, function and appearance. When it comes to getting dental implants, it is important to act promptly. The bone loss that occurs after missing teeth may disqualify you for implants or require you to undergo bone grafting before your dental implant surgery. Call our Marietta office today to schedule your implant denture consult.

Posted on behalf of Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD

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