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Have you recently been told that you need bone grafting before dental implants?  If so, there is nothing to worry about. Although bone grafting in your mouth may sound frightening, it is actually a very routine and straight-forward procedure.

When Is Bone Grafting Required?

The majority of dental implants cases do not require bone grafting, as this procedure is only reserved for patients who do not have adequate jaw bone structure to support a dental implant. This often occurs when the jawbone height and density have been compromised by missing teeth. Bone grafting is the gold standard solution to a favorable outcome for patients who have insufficient bone structure in the jaw.

Why an Implant Needs Sufficient Bone

A dental implant is a metal post placed into the jawbone as an anchor on top of which an artificial tooth is placed. When the implant is placed, the goal is to ensure that it is completely stable within the bone and strong enough to support the tooth on top of it. Therefore, a major concern when placing a dental implant is ensuring sufficient volume of bone around it in height, width and depth. If there is not enough bone to completely cover and support the implant, a bone graft will be required.

What Happens During Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting has been dramatically improved over the years. In the past, doctors had to harvest large quantities of a patient’s own bone. However, today we use processed bone that has been harvested from animals (usually cows). Don’t worry; these xenografts only include the mineral content of the animal’s sterilized bone. This process is highly effective and works because our body is basically tricked biochemically into accepting the graft as our natural bone. The graft can then be absorbed and replaced by the your own native bone over time.

There are many types of bone grafting procedures that are used to prepare your mouth for dental implants. Dr. Wayne Suway understands each patient’s unique needs when it comes to bone grafting because we want to ensure that dental implants produce the optimal and life-changing outcome they were designed for.

Have questions about what bone grafting involves? Do you want to know whether or not you are a candidate for this simple procedure? Call our Marietta implants dentist today to learn more. Bone grafting may be an extra step in your teeth replacement process, but the reward is worth it for a healthy and confident smile.

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