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You’ve made the decision to get dental implants – congratulations! While you can be confident you are getting the most unrivaled solution in teeth replacement, you have probably been informed that dental implants require an intricate oral surgery and notable recovery time. Whether you are getting a single implant or several dental implants, it is understandable to feel nervous the night before your procedure.

Frist and foremost, try to relax. Your implant surgery is in good hands! However, there is some prep work you can do at home the night before to ensure the big day goes as smoothly as possible:

Fast (Depending on Sedation Method)

Not all patients will be required to fast, as this depends on the sedation method you have chosen. If you are going under general anesthesia, you will likely be asked to not eat or drink for a period of time before your appointment.

Do NOT Smoke

If you have been cleared for dental implants, you should have kicked your smoking habit weeks ago. While you may be tempted to grab a cigarette the night before to calm your nerves, this could threaten the success of your implant surgery. Stay clear of tobacco products.

Take Prescribed Antibiotics

It is common for your dentist to prescribe antibiotics to start taking prior to your surgery date. Make sure you take these antibiotics as well as any other medication that may have been recommended.

Prepare Soft Foods

You will be on a soft foods diet after your implant surgery. Since you may not feel like preparing soups, smoothies and pastas when you get home, go ahead and do the food prep the night before.

Arrange a Driver

It is a good idea to arrange transportation for yourself the day of surgery, especially if you are being sedated or taking oral sedatives.

Clear Your Schedule

It’s recommended that you plan to take at least three days following your implant procedure to focus on caring for yourself. In fact, getting enough rest and nutrients will make a drastic impact on how well your implants heal.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It might be tough, but try to get a good night’s sleep before your implant procedure. You want your body at its best so that it can respond to implant placement without complication.

Have questions or concerns about your upcoming dental implant surgery? We are happy to answer them at the office of Dr. Wayne Suway. We want our patients to feel at ease about getting implants with a clear understanding of what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

Posted on behalf of Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD

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