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Dental insurance is designed to make dental treatments more affordable. While you know and understand that dental insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic dental services, you may be surprised to learn that many dental insurance companies also exclude dental implants. Dental implants are undoubtedly the best form of tooth replacement. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive (when looking at the upfront cost). Since there are other restorative dentistry options available at a lower cost, such as dentures and fixed bridges, dental implants are typically not fully covered. This causes many patients to settle for a tooth replacement alternative that is less superior in terms of protecting their long term oral health.

But don’t throw up your hands just yet. There are ways to maximize insurance coverage with dental implants and get the smile you deserve at a more affordable rate.

Why Dental Implants Deserve Coverage

Whether you have one missing tooth or a full arch of missing teeth, you can’t really do better than dental implants. Unlike any other (cheaper) alternative, dental implants replace the missing tooth as well as the missing tooth root. This is a big deal in terms of your overall smile confidence and your long term oral health. The anchored implant stands strong in your jawbone, which gives the bone the stimulation it needs to retain its density and form. Patients can also rely on the stability of the implant as they smile, laugh and eat the foods their body needs for optimal health (such as fibrous fruits and vegetables and protein). Lastly, dental implants are considered a permanent solution in replacing missing teeth, and they carry an exemplary success rate of 98%!

How To Make Dental Implants More Affordable

Most dentists, including Dr. Wayne Suway, urges patients to make a decision based on what is the in the best interest of their oral health rather than what their insurance plan will cover. There are two things you should know about paying for your dental implants:

Your dental insurance plan may pay for portions of the dental implant process. This may include any treatment you need prior to your implant surgery and the crown or other restoration that you choose to attach to your implants. Discussing this in detail with your insurance company is highly recommended.

You have easy financing options available to you. Even for those without any help from dental insurance, there are financing options through groups like CareCredit that allow you to make convenient payments on your dental implants at the pace that suits your budget best. You can find out whether or not you qualify for CareCredit within seconds. This financing plan is offered at our Marietta office.

Let’s Talk

If you realize the benefits of dental implants and feel like you have to shy away due to a lack of insurance coverage, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. We are happy to go through your financing options as well as ways to maximize your current form of coverage so that you can still receive this revolutionary solution in teeth replacement. Keep in mind that dental implants are considered a less expensive option in the long-run since they last a lifetime and do a better job at protecting your overall health!

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