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If you are having surgery for the placement of dental implants, it is vitally important to follow your oral surgeon’s specific instructions prior to your surgery. This will help to prevent complications and increase your chances for a successful outcome. Your oral surgeon may suggest that you do a few things to prepare for dental implants surgery including the following:

• remove all make-up and cleanse your entire face on the evening before and on the morning of your appointment

• wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing

• if prescriptions were printed for you at your pre-operative/consultation visit, then have them filled no later than 24 hours before your appointment and begin using them as directed

• notify your oral surgeon if you are not feeling well, as your procedure may need to be rescheduled

• refrain from smoking beginning at least 48-hours prior to your surgery

If you are going to receive intravenous/general anesthesia during your surgery, your oral surgeon will also give you further instructions that may include the following:

• empty your stomach by refraining to eat or drink after a certain time the night before your scheduled surgery

• secure a ride home from a responsible adult

Again, these are just general guidelines. Your oral surgeon may have more or different instructions for you to follow, depending on your particular medical history, family history and other circumstances. The important thing is to get and completely read and understand all of your oral surgeon’s pre-operative instructions prior to arriving for your procedure. This will give you an opportunity to get any questions answered, prior to the day of your surgery, thereby preventing delays

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